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Seasoning Machine
Seasoning MachineThe ball seasoning machine manufactured by Zhucheng Lijie Machine Co., Ltd. is designed in octagonal shape which can avoid disadvantage caused by the ball seasoning machine doesn't rolling. The machine can sufficiently mix the raw materials. There is no dead angle in the seasoning drum...
Air Shower Wind Leaching Room
Air Shower Wind Leaching RoomThe air shower wind leaching room is the purification equipment applying to medicine, health, food processing, precise instrument, instrument, aviation and other industry. It is mainly used for blowing with clean air to remove the dust, hair and other impurities on the surface of clothes through the filter and avoiding...
Planetary Stirring Frying Pan
Planetary Stirring Frying PanHigh quality of configuration: the products of this series adopt the imported end socket and the hemispheric stainless steel pan by punch forming for one time ensures the smooth of interior of pan. Good applicability: the heating methods may adopt the steam, coal gas, natural gas, liquefied gas, electric heating...
Sandwich Pot
Sandwich PotThis pot can adopt either the electrical heating or steam with a certain pressure as heating source and it has large and even heating area, short boiling time of liquid, easy control of heating temperature and other characteristics. The stainless steel sandwich pot is also called as sandwich steam pot and electrical...
Dehydration And Deoiling Machine
Dehydration And Deoiling MachineThe dehydration and deoiling machine mainly consists of motor, centrifugal system, filter sieve, drive system and electric control gear. There is anti-shock system provided during the dehydration which ensures the filter sieve will not vibrate. The electromagnetic brake is set after dehydration...
Slicing Machine
Slicing MachineThe machine adopts the feed channel on the rotating feeding plate for feeding; the knife and inclined arc-shaped blade are distributed aslant for cutting. It has good quality of cutting section, high efficiency of cutting, easy operation and low consumption and other characteristics. The parts...
Dicing Machine
Dicing MachineOur company's main products include fruit and vegetable dicing machine, sweet potato dicing machine, taro dicing machine, full-automatic sweet potato dicing machine, radish dicing machine dicing, full-automatic fruit dicing machine, professional sweet potato dicing machine, multifunctional potato dicing...
Multi-functional Slicing Machine
Multi-functional Slicing MachineMulti-functional slicing machine, which can process yam, lotus root, sweet potato, sweet potatoes, bananas, lemon and other fresh straight root products into sheet, the use of rotating cutter cutting, with a good cross-section, the thickness and size are same. At the same time the slicer machine high efficiency...
Chopper Machine
Chopper MachineThis vegetable cutting machine can cut radish, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, bamboo shoots, onions, eggplant, apples, ginger etc. It can cut potato chips, chips, radish and so on into cubes, slices and strips. Different thickness, size and specifications can be customized...
Double Headed Dual Frequency Multifunctional Cutting Machine
Double Headed Dual Frequency Multifunctional Cutting MachineLJ-600-A multi-function cutting machine, the whole all made of SUS304 stainless steel, the main skeleton of the thickness of 3.5mm-4.0mm, inverter Taiwan's profit, two more than the inverter, the price of more than 1,000 The Bearing the use of Japan Azai Qi, customers with 6 years without bad....
Ginger Cutting Machine
Ginger Cutting MachineCutting capacity: 150 ~ 250kg per hour
Cutting ways: centrifugal thin cut, thin slices
Processing size: 1.5-3mm is not adjustable
Mechanical power: 0.37kw / 220V single phase...
Pasteurization Equipment
Pasteurization EquipmentPasteurization, also known as low-temperature, cold sterilization, using lower temperatures can kill bacteria and keep the nutrient flavor of goods in the same sterilization method, now often used in a broad sense define the heat treatment methods that need to kill various pathogens...
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