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Feature of Automatic Stir Frying Machine

1. The body of this machine is made of SUS 304 stainless steel.

2. This machine adopts the mixing method which the revolution is synchronous with rotation. It will ensure the uniformity of fried foods and prevent the foods from adhesion with each other due to the extrusion. The mixing system adopts the frequency control.

3. The automatic discharge system reduces the labor intensity and ensures the consistency of foods during the frying period of frying machine which improves the quality of products.

Note: The energy sources can adopt the coal and natural gas. The special dimensions and requirements can be satisfied according to the demand of customers.

Parameters of Automatic Stir Frying Machine

Model: LJ-1000

Oil capacity: 200L

The diameter of the frying basket: 1000mm

Dimension: 1200*1200*1500mm

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