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Feature of Bubble Cleaning Machine

1. Water-saving, power-saving, time-saving, clean and healthy.

2. The cleaning machine will not damage the vegetables and has high efficiency, small floor area and is safe and reliable.

3. Easy installation, operation and maintenance and low power consumption.

Advantages of Bubble Cleaning Machine

1. The bubble cleaning machine is made of stainless steel which makes the cleaning machine sturdy and durable and the raw materials of equipment will not hurt people to realize the high clean degree, labor conservation, water conservation, stable and reliable equipment performance and other effects. The vegetable cleaning machine is integrated with the automatically continuous cleaning function. The clean degree of washed objects is higher for over three times than the objects washed by the common manual method.

2. The cleaning machine adopts the high pressure flow and bubble generation device to scour the surface of object. The bubble will produce a burst of energy when contacting with the objects which will have an impact and scouring effect on the surface of object to scour and clean the surface of objects.

3. The high pressure flow will make the materials roll and remove the pesticide residues on the surface of products. The floating objects in the vegetable cleaning machine can overflow through the overflow launder and the sediments can discharge through the drain hole for cleaning purpose.

4. The bubble blast wave can wash and clean the surface of vegetables and fruits and improve more than 50% working efficiency. It can effectively kill the malignant bacteria and resolve the pesticide residues; the cleaning machine is provided with the bulkhead which can effectively separate the washed objects from the sediments and reduce the turbidity of water. It greatly promotes the recycling rate of cleaning water, saves more than 80% water for cleaning and save labors. The operation of cleaning machine is easy and convenient which saves time and labors. It has low energy consumption and is healthy, safe and efficient.

Technological Characteristics of Bubble Cleaning Machine

1. The rack, bearing and motor are made of the quality SUS304 stainless steel and the products accord with the National food industry use standards.

2. The machine adopts the bubble rolling, scrubbing and spraying technologies and washes the objects at the maximum extent.

3. TThe production line can be customized according to the different processing characteristics of each user and the process requirements can be satisfied at the maximum extent.

4. The cleaning operation speed is controlled by the inverter and the cleaning speed can be freely adjusted.

5. The machine has compact structure and high degree of automation which applies to the cleaning works for all types of vegetable processing enterprises, aquatic products processing enterprises, meat processing companies.

Parameters of Bubble Cleaning Machine

Model: LJ-2500

Motor power: 3.75kw/380v

Net width: 600mm (Can be customized)

Dimension: 2500*1000*1500mm

Range of Application of Bubble Cleaning Machine

The bubble water cleaning applies to the cleaning works of strawberries, jujubes, potatoes, vegetables in slice form, fruits, etc. and the machine can be custom-made according to the output of products.

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