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LJ-6000 Fried Assembly Line
LJ-6000 Fried Assembly LineThe company possesses the professional technical personnel to constantly create the environmental, green and energy-saving high-tech products and it is also dedicated to creating the safe and reliable brand. The automatic control of oil temperature which can be set from 0-300℃ during the whole operation...
Automatic Stir Frying Machine
Automatic Stir Frying MachineThe body of this machine is made of SUS 304 stainless steel. This machine adopts the mixing method which the revolution is synchronous with rotation. It will ensure the uniformity of fried foods and prevent the foods from adhesion with each other due to the extrusion. The mixing system adopts the frequency...
Manual Discharge Oil Frying Machine
Manual Discharge Oil Frying MachineThe machine adopts the oil-water mixture technologies and automatically filters the residue which can extend the oil change period and greatly reduce the oil cost. The stand-alone series of frying machines are suitable for the shops frying spicy shredded pork and chicken feet, fast food shops, refectories, multiple...
Vacuum Frying Machine
Vacuum Frying MachineThe automatic temperature and pressure control (vacuum degree) without over-heat and over-pressure can ensure the quality and safe production of products. The integrated design contains frying, deoiling, dehydration and oil filtration which can be completed continuously under the vacuum conditions. The...
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