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Features of LJ-6000 Fried Assembly Line

1. The automatic control of oil temperature which can be set from 0-300℃ during the whole operation applies to frying the foods with various process requirements.

2. The fill valve is installed in the oil layer at bottom and the water can be added at any time without affecting the frying process. The equipment is also equipped with the check valve which can solve the problem that oil flows back to the water pipe in case of water supply is cut off.

3. The temperature measuring equipment is installed in the water at bottom and the temperature of water is clear at a glance. Besides, the water temperature is also adjustable. When the measured water temperature is higher than the setting temperature, the cooling measures may be adopted which will prevent the occurrence of water boiling. (The equipment of special type is also equipped with automatic cooling function.)

4. The oil-water separation surface is provided with the glass tube for observation and detector of oil drain valve. The water line is relatively accurate.

5. Adopt the internationally accepted oil-water mixture process design which saves more cooking oil compared with the frying machine. It can extend the service cycle of cooking oil without generation of carbonized oil and save 50% cooking oil. The investment of equipment can be withdrawn for half a year.

6. The foods produced by the technology of this frying equipment have a better degree of finish with bright color. The quality and grade of food products are greatly improved and the problems that the acidification of fried foods exceeds the standard.

7. The food residues generating during the frying process may sink into the funnel at the bottom through the filtration of water and get discharged through the drain outlet. In this way, the oil can be filtered but not be wasted.

8. This equipment has many purposes and it can fry various foods without changing the oil and it will not generate the cooking fumes and it can prevent foods from getting tainted by other odor. It is time-saving and environmental. Compared with the normal frying machine, the foods fried by this equipment contain no heavy metal and other harmful substances.

9. The advanced mechanical transmission and variable-frequency speed control system make it possible that this equipment applies to frying various foods (such as tofu, cut meat, meat pie, ball, chicken breast, rice crust, fish, etc.).

10. With the advanced and efficient heating system, the oil pool adopts the heat preservation technology which saves energy, improves the work efficiency and reduces the unit cost. The oil-water separation surface partially adopts the ventilation pipe cooling which greatly extend the service life of frying machine. Partially heat the upper layer of oil and cool the lower layer to prevent the water temperature is too high and water gets boiled. The oil and water are discharged separately which facilities residue removing and oil change.

11. The double-layer mesh belt can avoid the product floating which makes the food be fried more evenly.

12. The mesh belt can be automatically lifted for washing which greatly improves the work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity. It is also clean and healthy.

Note: The energy sources can adopt the coal, natural gas and electric. The equipment can also connect with the thermal oil furnace and boiler. The special dimensions and requirements can be satisfied according to the demand of customers.

Parameters of LJ-6000 Fried Assembly Line

Dimension: 6000*1700*2250mm

Net width: 800mm

Material: 304 stainless steel

Power: 140kw (heating power)7kw (auxiliary power)

Applicable Range of Frying Machine

1. Cooked wheaten food: fried dough twist, rice crust, honey food, Honey Mito, deep-fried dough sticks, Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame, gluten, polished glutinous rice stick, caramel treats, thin fried dough twist, etc.

2. Meat: braised chicken (coloring), pressed salted duck (coloring), braised pork, ball, sliced dried beef, streaky pork, drumstick, pig's feet, etc.

3. Nut fruits: groundnut kernels, green soya bean, broad bean, sunflower seed.

4. Bean products: dried tofu, bean curd, fish bean curd, bread made by tofu.

5. Marine food products: various fish, peeled prawns, scallop, mytilidae, aberdeen fish, squid rings, squid.

6. Miscellaneous: vegetable pie, tempura, eggplant box, lotus root box, various fried puffed food with syrup and paste.

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