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Feature of Manual Discharge Oil Frying Machine

1. The stand-alone series of frying machines are suitable for the shops frying spicy shredded pork and chicken feet, fast food shops, refectories, multiple shops, supermarkets and middle and small fried food processing enterprises. Those machines are widely used in the frying process of meat, aquatic products, cooked wheaten food and other foods. The machine adopts the electric as power source and the operation is simple. The fried foods are not only good in color, smell and taste, but also have clean and favorable appearance without black residue. Besides, the machine can improve the quality of products and extend the shelf life.

2. The machine adopts the oil-water mixture technologies and automatically filters the residue which can extend the oil change period and greatly reduce the oil cost.

3. The whole machine adopts quality stainless steel materials with exquisite workmanship and is sturdy and durable.

4. The machine is equipped with the temperature controller with intelligent digital display which is convenient and practical.

5. The machine adopts the automatic temperature control which can effectively separate the oil of poor quality and make the machine safe and convenient for washing and maintaining.

Parameters of Manual Discharge Oil Frying Machine

Model: LJ-500

Oil capacity: 50L

The diameter of the frying basket: 500*400*300mm

Dimension: 600*600*900mm

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