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Feature of Drum Washing Machine

The vegaetable and fruit drum washing machine consists of rack, transmission reducer, transmission hollow screw, roller, sprinkler pipe, drip pan, high pressure nozzle and other parts.

Parameters of Drum Washing Machine

Model: LJ-4000

Motor power: 5.5kw/380v

Drum diameter: 800mm

Dimension: 4000*1300*1600mm

Range of Drum Washing Machine

This equipment applies to cleaning the root vegetables, fruits and other products. It can wash away the soil and gravels on the surface of objects. This equipment is made of high grade stainless steel and possesses the synchronous operation, high degree of automation, convenient operation and maintenance and other characteristics. This equipment has many types that can be customized according to the processing output of customers' materials and we can manufacture a special drum washing machine that belongs to you.

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