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Tunnel-type Hot Air Drying Assemble Line
Tunnel-type Hot Air Drying Assemble LineThe dehydration dryer is dedicated equipment which possesses the strong pertinence, practicability and high energy efficiency which is researched and developed based on the conveyor belt dryer. It is widely used in the dehydration and drying of various regional and seasonal vegetables and fruits...
Air Drying Machine
Air Drying MachineThe air drying machine for flexible package is researched and developed for resolving the problems that the products of domestic food industry and pharmaceutical industry cannot be boxed immediately for production due to a large number of residual water droplets on the external packing after sterilization...
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Raisin Processing Line
Raisin Processing LineRaisin separator + vibrating screen + lifting conveyor – bubble washer – wringer – material discharging elevator – vibrating and flattening screen – lifting feeder - multi-layer drying machine - wind cooling machine. Working principles of raisin separator + vibrating screen + lifting conveyor...
Air Shower Wind Leaching Room
Air Shower Wind Leaching RoomThe air shower wind leaching room is the purification equipment applying to medicine, health, food processing, precise instrument, instrument, aviation and other industry. It is mainly used for blowing with clean air to remove the dust, hair and other impurities on the surface of clothes through the filter and avoiding...