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Technological Process of Raisin Processing Equipment

Raisin separator + vibrating screen + lifting conveyor – bubble washer – wringer – material discharging elevator – vibrating and flattening screen – lifting feeder - multi-layer drying machine - wind cooling machine

1. Working principles of raisin separator + vibrating screen + lifting conveyor: after separation by the separator, the raisins fall on the vibrating screen. After screening, the separated raisins fall on the conveyor belt below and are lifted into the washer. The partial raisins which are not fully separated will be discharged through the front side of vibrating screen and be put into the separator manually for separation.

The vibrating screen is directly installed on the support of conveyor belt. The separator is provided with the rubber protection.

2. The bubble washer: the washing speed is controlled by the inverter motor and the washing speed can be freely adjusted. The washer adopts bubble rolling and spraying technologies. The high-pressure water flow will make the material roll to remove the impurities on the surface of products. The floating objects can overflow through the overflow launder and the sediments can discharge through the drain hole for cleaning purpose. The bubble washing line can adopt the motor to lift the whole liner of equipment for facilitating customers removing the dirt at the bottom of equipment and maintenance while use it. This is the proprietary technology of our company.

3. Wringer: ensure the smooth operation of equipment and achieve the wringing effect. The material discharging elevator will lift the wringed raisins into the vibrating screen.

4. The material discharging elevator: the wringed raisins will be lifted into the vibrating oil sprinkling machine through the material discharging elevator.

5. Vibrating and flattening screen: spread out the wringed raisins and convey them into the hot air drying machine. The oil injection process may also be implemented during this period.

6. Lifting feeder: after spreading out the raisins by vibration, lift them through the lifting feeder into the hot air drying machine for drying.

7. Multi-layer drying machine: lift the cleaned raisins through the lifting feeder on the conveyer belt and the conveyer belt operates circularly in the hot air drying machine. The heating group is placed at one side and circulates the hot air in the drying machine through the axial flow fan with high temperature resistance which will keep the quantity of heat stable. The hot air flows through the raisins on the convey belt from the front to the back and makes them dry quickly.

8. Wind cooling machine: cool the dried raisins by wind and box them.

Main Application of Raisin Processing Equipment

The cleaning and processing line for raisin, dried apricot slices and wolfberry manufactured by Zhucheng Lijie Food Machine Co., Ltd. mainly applies to cleaning, drying, and processing the dried and fresh fruits and it can be widely used for producing and processing the dried and fresh fruits. The new and old customers are welcome for purchasing.

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