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Feature of Air Drying Machine

The air drying machine for flexible package is researched and developed for resolving the problems that the products of domestic food industry and pharmaceutical industry cannot be boxed immediately for production due to a large number of residual water droplets on the external packing after sterilization. Compared with the traditional drying methods (hot air drying, manually scrubbing for dehydration), this machine is easily and conveniently operated (it can be used as long as it is connected with power)! It has high dehydration rate (over 99%) and save more than 50% energy. There is no water scale pollution on the surface of package. The products can be boxed immediately after dehydration and the machine has obtained the high evaluation from experts of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences Agricultural Products Processing Engineering Technology Center and users.

The air drying machine for flexible package can realize the continuity of operation (it can be used under the support of continuous sterilization machine). What the users need to do is to put the sterilized products on the conveyor belt. After dehydration, deoiling and water scale removing on the package by the high pressure and low temperature airflow spraying through nozzles at top and bottom, the products can be boxed and stored in warehouse immediately and in this way, the technological process of production can be improved.

The air drying machine for flexible package adopts the frequency speed change control with stable operation, small volume and high efficiency. The air drying machine accords with the certification requirements of GMP and HACCP.

The air drying machine is the dedicated equipment for eliminating the residual water droplets on the package surface of products which are sterilized by hot water or steam. It can be widely used for food, drink, condiment, dairy industry, medicine and other industries.

The entire air drying machine is made of stainless steel with beautiful appearance. The dehydration of products can be completed only by the airflow of high pressure and normal temperature and it also has the effect of oil and water scale removing which is not possessed by other similar equipment. This machine saves energy and reduces the dehydration cost. It preferably avoids the "secondary sterilization" of products and ensures the quality and other characteristics of products. This machine has stable technological performance and high efficiency and it is sanitary. It is the ideal equipment for food, drink, medicine and other industries.

Parameters of Air Drying Machine

Model: LJ-5000

Motor power: 7.5kw/380v

Net width: 1200mm

Dimension: 10000*1200*2200mm

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