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Bubble Cleaning Machine
Bubble Cleaning MachineThe bubble cleaning machine is the important product in the production line of jujubes, vegetables and aquatic products and it is mainly used for cleaning jujubes, vegetables and aquatic products. The cleaning machine is equipped spray header for high pressure cleaning. Water-saving, power-saving, time-saving...
Brush Cleaning (And Peeling) Machine
Brush Cleaning (And Peeling) MachineThe brush cleaning and peeling machine of Lijie Brand mainly consists of the motor, transmission and 9 brush rollers and it has 1000 Type, 1200 Type, 1500 Type, 1800 Type and other types. The peeling machine is designed and manufactured by our factory after absorbing the characteristics of root vegetables...
Drum Washing Machine
Drum Washing MachineThe machine consists of rack, transmission reducer, transmission hollow screw, roller, sprinkler pipe, drip pan, high pressure nozzle and other parts. This equipment applies to cleaning the root vegetables, fruits and other products. It can wash away the soil and gravels on the surface of objects. This equipment is made...
Turnover Basket Washing Machine
Turnover Basket Washing MachineThe section one is to add the cleanout fluid, water containing soda or cleaning liquid for decontamination process. The machine is provided with heating tube which can heat the water and realizes the decontamination purpose by high-pressure nozzle spraying. he section two is cleaning with clean water. Through the...
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